The History Calendar - Today in History

With the growing popularity of scrapbooking and the traditional nostalgic desire for keepsakes commemorating the birth of a child, no wonder "today in history" gifts, websites and mementos are becoming so popular. New mothers want to be able to show their child, what was going on the day they were born. They also want reminders for themselves about current events and other important events that took place on a day they will never forget.

One "today in history" gift that is becoming increasingly popular is a plaque that is engraved with the child’s name and birthday and a list of historical, comical, and otherwise important facts that took place on the day they were born. Less extravagant versions of this "today in history" gift include colorful printed posters or papers that can be framed and hung in the child’s room or stored for safe keeping.

There are many facts that can be included in your child’s "today in history" keepsake. Most of these mementos start by listing facts about the baby at birth, such as weight, length, the hospital, date, and time they were born. Then there is usually a list of historical events that took place on that day throughout history. This can also include other famous people that share their birthday, current events and top new stories that day, who the president was, even the local weather report where the child was born

Most "today in history" keepsakes also include a section dedicated the price of certain items the day the child was born. This may include the price of a stamp, a gallon of gas, a home, a computer, a happy meal, and much more. The “today in history” tribute will also usually display what movies were playing in the theatre on that day, popular television shows, songs on the radio, and more.